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Flatshop WordPress Theme Review

Flatshop WordPress theme from Themify is unique WooCommerce theme with the best attention to details, designs for online shopping, eCommerce Store and eCommerce related websites. This theme using parallax scrolling and fly-in animation effects for a better user experience.

Flatshop WordPress Theme includes transition effects such as parallax scrolling and fly-in animation to improve the user experience. The shop and products are put in center focus. Each product can be customized individually to bring up the unqiueness of the product full width parallax slider on the homepage with the ability to showcase product in slideshows. Also has Themify drag and drop layout builder lets you create unique custom pages by dragging and dropping modules from the Front-end.

With product lightbox and Ajax slide cart, customers can take a quick look of the product details and add to cart without having to reload the page. Themify Builder has made it easier for you to design the product page with more fancy elements such as sliders, galleries, maps, videos, accordions, tabs, etc. The Flatshop theme is also loaded other features such as: fullwidth slider, infinite scroll, responsive & retina ready, icon fonts, slide menu, and more!

Flatshop WordPress Woocommerce Theme - Themify


Flatshop WordPress Theme Features:

Responsive & Retina Ready
The design is completely responsive & retina ready. This means it will work on all desktop and mobile devices and all graphic elements remain sharp on retina screen such as the iPad, iPhone and Android.

Fullwidth Slider
The fullwidth slider can be displayed per page basis. Unlimited sliders can be created and set differently in each page. Text alignment, font, color, and background can be customized in each slide.

WooCommerce Shop
This theme is designed to work with the WooCommerce plugin. Many features were added in Flatshop to extend the default capability of the plugin.

Custom Product Styling
The theme allows you to customize the product styling individually. You can upload custom background image, set product image alignment, font, and color.

Unlimited Shop Pages layout options: fullwidth, grid4, grid3, and grid2.

Product Lightbox
The product lightbox allows your customers to take a quick look of the product details without redirecting the page.

Parallax Scrolling
Check the parallax scrolling on the slider area, single post image, and product page. Also see Parallax theme if you like parallax design.

Fly-in Animation
Fly-in animation can be disabled or configured to fade-in.

Slide-out Menu and Cart
The header is equiped with slide-out menu and shopping cart to keep the design clean and minimal. WordPress custom menus, social buttons, and search form can be added to the slide-out panel.

Unlike the typical shopping sites, when an item is added in Flatshop, it updates instantly in the slide cart without reloading the page. Customers can click on the cart button to slide out the cart to see all the items.

Footer Info & Map
Footer area allows you to display optional shop info such as address, phone number, business hours, and fullwidth Google map.

Infinite Scroll or Pagination
All posts and products are loaded infinitely without having to click to the next page. If you don’t like infinite scroll, it can be reverted to the traditional pagination.


Themify Flatshop Theme Standard: $39
Themify WordPress Themes club: $150

Demo | Download Flatshop WordPress Theme

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