Writer Guidelines

– For Writers Only –

For your submitted Article to get approved, it should be according to the following guidelines:

  • Unique. Original. Not published elsewhere. Not re-written;
  • Easy to read, relevant, and SEO-Optimized for the requested keyword(s);
  • Keep things organized! Use bold for sections, bullets/lists, tables, etc.


  • You cannot modify the keywords (adding suffixes or prefixes, words, or connectors between the keyphrases, etc.). Even if there is a misspelling in any keyword, it is on purpose;
  • As a best SEO practice, the main keyword should appear one time for every 250 words;
    The general guideline is that you should include your primary keyword once every 250 words. Inserting the main keyword at least 6 times in a 1500-word article, for example, would be correct.
  • In every topic or sub-topic, always write with specific details, answering all the possible questions the reader might have. Don´t write general text, specially on the Introduction! General information is not ranked on search engines, only detailed, expert, and relevant information.
  • If you are giving information about numbers or amounts that you don’t know for sure, give the reader a possible interval amount. For example, if the subtopic is “How much money can I make with blogs,” answer with something like “between $1 and $10,000 per month, depending on…”; but never write something like “you can make a lot of money,” or “the money you will get depends on….”
  • When writing a section that contains multiple small pieces of text, consider using bullets or lists, this is important.
  • Always capitalize case the topic and subtopics (you can use https://convertcase.net/). For formatting, the title is H1, and subtitles H2. You can also use bold on pieces of text that you think is important for the reader. If you are using WordPad or Word, you can set the H1 (title /main keyword text size to 25 and the H2 (subtopics/secondary keywords) to text size 20.
  • Sentences should not be more than 25 words long. The ideal sentence length is around 14 words. When the average sentence length is 14 words, readers understand 90% of what they’re reading. Comprehension falls to less than 10 percent when the average sentece word count reaches 43.
  • In the end of the Article (not the sub-topic), provide the URL sources where you did your research (the words in this section don´t count)

The structure of each Article should be the following:

  • Remember to incorporate the sub-keywords inside the article body at least 2 times each;
  • You can choose sub-topicsat least 3 sub-topics. The best would be 5 sub-topics; 
  • Write sub-topics that make sense to the reader, enabling you to incorporate the sub-keywords appropriately.

Title (must include Main Keyword)

(Introduction text)









  • Text
  • Text
  • Text


Conclusion text

Conclusion question?

Lastly, please watch the following videos until the end:

For writing the Article Title: (for base keyword research, if interested you can use this free tool)