Blog Post Cost: How much should you pay?

The Content Marketing Plan

How much is each Blog Post Cost? With corporations redirecting their marketing budgets away from physical events and inappropriate advertising, corporate blogs and content marketing are becoming increasingly important parts of marketing.

You’re well aware that blogging has to be the core component of your content marketing plan. But you just don’t have the time; you’ve got a company to run. You’re not sure if it’s feasible to hire a content marketing firm, but you don’t know how much it’ll cost. So perhaps you’re wondering: “How much should I pay per blog post?”

Don’t despair, you’re not alone. This is a question that I get asked quite frequently by companies looking to take their blogging efforts up a notch or three.

So I decided it would be good for me – and my clients – if I could share some ballpark blog post cost examples with you.

My hope is that this will help inform you of what your options are in terms of hiring someone to provide content marketing services to your company, while simultaneously avoiding the common mistake of overspending on your content marketing strategy.

Okay… Let’s get cracking!

A blog post cost can range from $5 to $50 for poorly written ones, up to $1,000 to $2,000 for each post from professional bloggers.

That isn’t the end of it, though. Buying a single blog post will not help you much. A single piece of content can never give a return on investment. What you need are regularly published blog articles based on a focused content marketing plan. Let’s go through all of your choices in depth so you can make the most of this revenue-boosting marketing tool.

Here, at, we charge only $0.01 per word, making it a blog post cost of $10 for a 1000 words quality article.

Hiring an in-house content team

According to, the average salary of a copywriter is $57,137 per year. And don’t forget to account for the cost of defining your strategy, updating your site, obtaining images. Add in recruitment expenses, onboarding costs, and benefits – and you’ve got yourself a hefty sum of money.

Even if you hire an agency, you’re looking at around $60,000 per year.

A Content Marketing team is expensive. And it doesn’t stop until the first post goes live. On average, businesses stay between 1-2 years to see a return on investment – and that’s IF your strategy is sound and your content engaging.

It may not be economically viable for startups or small businesses to invest in a Content Marketing team – but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage with content and create amazing marketing materials yourself!

The hard truth: nobody wants to read dry articles written by content marketers who only talk about SEO optimization and industry trends (that’s what we’ve grown accustomed to). If you want people to read it – you’ve got to produce diverse, engaging content that delivers value.

That’s where we come in.

Hiring an in-house team has several disadvantages: not only will it cost you a significant amount of money, but there’s also the issue of your lack of expertise in the sector. Unless you’re a seasoned web content writer, you may not be aware of all the intricacies you need to know in order to find suitable applicants.

With the average copywriting tenure being less than a year, you’ll almost certainly have to factor in yearly recruiting costs for each of your in-house team members. It’s a highly competitive business. Unless the country is going through a long recession, your own staff will likely leave as soon as they obtain a better opportunity.

Even a big organization like National Geographic had to make the difficult choice of cutting down on their workforce. So how do you go from having hundreds of thousands of words rolling off your desk every day to suddenly not having a single person at your disposal?

You may choose to outsource. This method has the potential to solve the problem as it combines quality content with low costs (provided that you know where and who to look for). You’ll be able to pick up experienced writers who are willing to compete for your company’s projects. Plus, there’s no need for recruitment or onboarding expenses.

Outsourcing and leveraging the returns from Blog Posts

Blog postings on a regular basis may boost your website’s traffic by 20 times. As a result, every six times the page views, you earn six times more money.

If you don’t get on board with blogging, your competition will be aboard the train before you are. Even if you and your team don’t have the time to write your own articles, you need to join the train – even if it means putting in more effort.

Blog writing isn’t something “anybody can do,” as many otherwise intelligent businessmen and women often think. Neither is it some mysterious art that pours out of an ivory tower like a magic fountain.

As we speak, top executives from Fortune 500 companies are busy hiring writers and marketers to make their blogs popular. They think that blogging could be the next big thing as far as marketing strategies go. The truth is blogging has never been this important for marketing purposes before now!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to blog, but still want to reap some of these fantastic benefits without shouldering the costs and responsibilities that come with taking up blogging: Blog Posts on an On-demand basis.

Some employees would like to take up writing as a hobby. It’s not possible for them to start a blog on their own, but they could still write articles.

People hire professionals to do this job for them. Hiring writers takes away the risk of ruining your company’s reputation by publishing low-quality articles. You also save yourself all the trouble of hiring and training new employees that can handle this task.

These freelancers are proficient enough in English to provide you with error-free content within your deadlines. They can even earn some extra cash while they’re at it!

People will start taking your business more seriously if you can publish two articles per week. That’s the bare minimum you should aim for. If you go above that, that’s an added bonus! You could write about trending topics in your specific industry every day and still find something to talk about; there are always new topics popping up.

That doesn’t mean you’ve got to shell out a huge part of your marketing budget on content marketing services like me! It means hiring creative writers who are creative enough to come up with fresh ideas for domain-specific blog posts on a weekly basis so that your website gets consistent traffic throughout the year. There are thousands of freelance writers selling their talent online at cheap rates, so check them all out before you make your choice.

How can I get the most out of my money by hiring freelancers for writing blog posts?

That’s a very important question, indeed! The answer is simple: You need to hire the right writers. This means looking for people who are knowledgeable about your industry and business. Someone who can deliver unique topics at regular intervals should be able to land more business deals for you with their blogging skills alone!

But that’s not all…

You also have to find the perfect writer within your budget constraints because if you choose an incompetent one, they could end up wasting your money instead of increasing it. They may even damage your reputation instead of helping build it so look carefully before making any decision.

Don’t forget about their experience in the content writing industry when hiring people to write blog posts for you. The last thing you want is directing potential customers to irrelevant web pages with no real information!

Why not outsource the work to someone who has been doing it successfully for years? Save yourself time, money, and effort by hiring us. We have over 10 years of experience in this line of work so feel free to contact me if you’d like help with your content marketing needs.

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