How much does it cost to write an Article?

If you are targeting only 1 keyword on the Article, it will cost only $0.01 per word!

What about the quality of the Articles?

We hire and select only native English speakers with previous and proven experience.
The money is only released to the writer if you accept it. If you don´t, you can ask for unlimited revisions or a different writer.

Who owns the copyright of the Articles?

After you accept the writer’s work, they give you complete copyright ownership of the content material. Then, after that, you may do anything you want with it.

What if the writer doesn´t complete the Article in time?

This happens only rarely, but if it does happen, the author will be penalized, and your job will be transferred to a more competent writer – all without any disruption for you!

Do you have to accept an Article if you are not happy?

No, definitely not. You are under no obligation to pay for the work if you are dissatisfied with it, and you have the right to reject the writer’s work. You can ask for unlimited revisions. The job is non-refundable after you accept it from the writer. Before the job is automatically accepted after 72 hours, we provide you with a chance to review it. If you reject it, you have 2 options: Ask for a review or change the writer.

How can you be sure the content is Unique?

We use the Copyscape API to ensure that any material produced by our writers is original and hasn’t been copied. Before you see the piece, the check is completed, ensuring there’s no chance you’ll receive anything that doesn’t pass Copyscape. If a writer tries to submit unoriginal content, their account is immediately deleted for life.

How soon can I get an Article written?

The average time for a writer to complete a 1000-word blog post is 12 hours. You then go over it and verify that you’re pleased with it, if necessary, suggest some modifications be made by the author. After you’re satisfied, you may accept the article and use it in any way you like.